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• ABS + Hicas removed

• Fully Race built Specialty Engineering custom Full Race motor
• 9.5:1 JE pistons
• Carillo rods
• Race prepped, o-ringed, soft honed Specialty Engineering race block
• Specialty Engineering race built ported, flow benched full race head
• Inconnel exhaust valves, stainless intake valves
• Revhard ported and ceramic coated turbo manifold
• Garrett T04B turbo, .68 A/R
• PDM Tri Flow billet turbo cams
• Custom Wet Sump baffled race oil pan
• PDM Custom 304 stainless 3” downpipe
• PDM Custom 304 stainless wastegate pipe
• PDM Racing Custom 304 stainless resonated cat replacement pipe
• Blitz Nur Spec Cat-Back Exhaust
• PDM 18 x 12 x 3 custom Garrett intercooler
• PDM custom 304 stainless 2.5” intercooler piping
• Tial 38mm wastegate
• Greddy blow off valve
• PDM custom turbo oil and water lines
• PDM Race heat exchanger and remote oil filter system
• PDM 4 ply silicone connectors
• Fidanza Aluminum KA flywheel
• ACT Extreme Duty clutch
• Aurora 8.5mm wires
• Powdercoated valve cover
• Koyo KA high performance radiator
• Greddy Oil filler cap
• Blitz high pressure rad cap
• Dual electric fans
• Custom Genesis dry cel race battery
• Nissan Motorsports 4.6:1 Ring and Pinion Gears
• KAAZ 2 way LSD
• Aluminum driveshaft
• Nismo engine and transmission mounts
• DEI C02 intake charge cooler
• DEI C02 Intercooler sprayer
• PDM Custom water injection sprayer

• PDM front underspoiler
• PDM Custom Rear Deck Spoiler
• PDM Custom Side Skirts and Rear Valance
• PDM Front fiberglass hood
• 180SX Kouki rear tails with Clear Corners custom LED lights
• Nismo 180SX Kouki carbon center panel
• Clear front turn signals
• PDM fender flares
• Extensive front and rear bodywork to fit race tires

• Sparco Pro 2000 driver and passenger seats.
• Sparco 5 point race camlok belts
• Nismo Shift knob
• Sparco Flash 5 race wheel
• Momo Pedal Pads
• B&M Short Shifter
• Autometer Boost Gauge
• PLX Devices wide band gauge
• Autometer Dual electric EGT gauge
• Autometer oil pressure gauge
• Autometer oil temperature gauge
• Autometer water temperature gauge
• Autometer oil pressure gauge
• Interior retained for SCCA SM rules (back seat only removed)

• Sony DCR-TRV30 Digital Camcorder
• VUZ onboard digital remote control 4-camera system
• PDM Custom ECU tune
• PLX Devices R500 Wideband computer system
• Greddy Boost Controller

• 2680 pounds with 1/2 tank of gas, no driver
• 55.2/44.8 F/R weight bias

    Front end is equipped with custom made PDM T.C. Rods that replace the bushing with 5/8" NMB Stainless/Teflon rod ends. This allows adjustable positive caster with zero toe-in change under hard braking.

    This is the mandrel-bent, tig welded PDM Custom 3 inch Cold Air Intake. The intake drops down in the front fender area, where it employs a 5 inch K&N cone filter inhaling fresh cold air.

    Special Samco silicone 4 Bar neck-down hose was used on the MAS, while Aeroquip stainless hoses and fittings provide the finishing touch.

    In these shots, the rear wing used is a Racing Beat piece made for the third generation RX7. It was adapted to fit on the rear lid of the 240SX. (the car currently sports a Megan Carbon Fibre GT Wing.)

    This is the PDM exhaust before installation on the car. The beefy exhaust is crafted out of 2.5 inch 304 stainless steel and is much straighter than the stock unit.

     This is how the car looked in 1997 wearing ARE Style 50 rims wrapped in BFG R1's. Don lent out his car to many people throughout the 1997 autocross season, and it won a set of R1 tires for novice driver Stan Mickalak.

    This was the car's last setup during fall/winter 1999. The TSW Sportline 5 spoke wheels are wrapped with MXX3 Pilot tires. Stay tuned for more current pictures as the car is being finished up with complete new body, spoilers and new paint!

    Here's the mighty 300ZX front brake upgrade installed. This upgrade will make an unbelieveable difference in your 240's braking abilities.

Front And once again, Don has changed his car around again, since this feature was first posted to the website.  Early last year, the car was stripped down to bare metal, and new super black base/clear was applied, with the new PDM front underspoiler, rear Bomex Wangan wing, and new PDM sideskirts.  Also sporting new coil overs for a very low stance, shod with Yokohama A032R’s on Work rims.
Stance The car now sits almost 1.5 inches lower than before, and sports a very aggressive stance with the rims pushed out to the bodyedge, with the very aggressive looking rim/tire combo.
Underspoiler Note the super shiny paint, and killer front underspoiler !
Cornerweighing Cornerweighing the 240SX prior to race day, showing the rear Blitz Nurspec exhaust,
and unique A032R tire tread.
Sparco Seats The new Sparco Pro 2000 race seats, custom mounted on the stock sliders, along with the camlok 5 point race belts.
autox cam Don piloting the black beast through the cones with camera on roof !!

PDM Racing's 240SX
Recent pictures of the 240SX in street trim.
PDM Racing's S13

Stoptech Brakes! Stoptech front big brakes that REALLY haul the car down