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Testing Day PDM RACING 510 (Part 2)
    With construction complete the car was brought out to the track for testing to make sure that all systems are in working order. Andy straps into the car for its inaugural shake-down test at Westwood Racetrack.

Racing Datsun 5102     Here is the car in the official PDM Racing colours, gridded next to Collin Jackson's semi-tube framed GT4 Datsun 510 at Seattle International Raceway.

NASPORT Race On the Run     The 510 swings through Turn 11 at Laguna Seca without any company during Don's first Nasport race. Things were a little more crowded in turn 9 at Portland, when John Norman (green Alpha) and Steve Epperly (Sentra) gave chase.

Car Info
Chassis : Full Tube Frame

Suspension (front) : Adjustable Coilover Strut, Adjustable Sway Bar

Suspension (rear) : Adjustable Coilover I.R.S.

Brakes : Vented Discs, 4 Piston Calipers, Driver Adjustable Bias

Driveline : Nissan 1600cc Dry Sump Motor, 9300rpm Redline, Crank Fired Ignition, Nissan Comp. Direct Drive Transmission, SSS Competition Race Head, 50mm Solex Carbs

Body : 10 Panel, Quick-Release Custom Fiberglass Panels, original Datsun Roof and Windshield

Cockpit : Full Guage Panel, Halon Fire System, Driver Cool Suit, 2 Way Radio System, On Board Camera

Specs : Weight : 1700lbs Dry, 1980lbs Race-Ready
Horsepower : 180+ HP, Dyno Tested Top Speed : 135 MPH (on race track)

Class : SCCA Nasport GT4, GT4

Showtime 510 and Trailer     In addition to racing the car, Don also regularly attended shows to promote and display the car for sponsors and team exposure. The red 510 beside the PDM 510 is Keith Law's turbo 510. The team trailer sits behind the 510 on the picture to the right.

Fender Off Wide Panels Off
    These pictures will give you a good idea of the overall dimensions of the car - it is quite a bit wider than a stock Datsun 510. With all of its 12 exterior panels removed, and layed out, the car literally "explodes" into pieces. Aside from the chassis, driveline, and cockpit, these panels required constant cleaning, painting, repair or replacement to keep the car in "show-quality" shape.

Festical Chicane at Portland International Raceway Backing Out of Pits at Portland International Raceway     Even though the car is a beautiful "showpiece", it's main function is to be driven! You can see just how LOW the car sits, as it turns in for the Festival Turn at Portland International Raceway, or sits waist-high to Crew Chief Chris Jehnichens.

Pregrid At Portland International Raceway Hotpits at Portland International Raceway     Getting ready to head out... Don sits on pregrid in the hotpits. This is one of the "worst" times to be inside your racecar, as a million questions run through your head... "is this tightened ?" ... or "will it hold out long enough ?"... or " damn... how am I gonna get past my competitor...and stay in front !"... Plus sometimes with the outside temperature hitting over 110 degrees, you literally "bake" in your car, with your 3 layers of nomex, gloves, balaclava and helmet on. This "extra" time, is where your fresh air helmet and cool suit help to stabilize your body temperature.

Cleaning and Bleeding Waiting at the Trailer     Racing is a family-affair for PDM Racing. Don's mother and father help to clean the car in between sessions, while Brent Wilson helps Don to bleed the brakes. Wife, and team boss Donna, take a break from the day's activities.

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