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Ragman PDM RACING 510 (Part 3)
    Here's Chris again... in goof mode. His nickname is Ragman. (you can e-mail Don to find out why... hahaha) Chris owns Proline Collision (604-987-2533) and is a high performance car nut and motorcycle racing fanatic. He can only be labelled HARDCORE and HYPER. A true friend and the best man at Don's wedding.

    The car was campaigned from 1992 through 1995 in the Nasport West GT3 and GT4 series. In those seasons, it raced at Seattle International Raceway, Portland International, ThunderHill, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Willow Springs, and locally at Mission Raceways, Knox Mountain and the Molson Indy Street course. The response of this car is beyond imagination. It stops on a dime, turns in as fast as you can think and pulls lateral G forces that would make most people physically sick. Words can't explain what it feels like to drift the car off the apex at 80mph in a controlled four wheel drift as you accelerate and grab two more gears.

1993 Molson Indy SCCBC Sedan Race     Inside B.C. Place Stadium for the 1993 Molson Indy SCCBC Sedan Race. How many times does an amateur team get to compete in a support race for the Cart cars, Indy Lights and Formula Atlantics? Jeff and Chris do a NBC. (Nut and Bolt Check)

1993 Molson Indy SCCBC Sedan Race     Don's dazed as he rushes to push the car out for qualifying. He placed third overall this year, first in his class.

1994 Molson Indy SCCBC Sedan Race     Cool shot of the car braking and turning in to the hairpin on the Indy course in the 1994 race. The in-car video footage is like a video game - Don passes 144 cars during the race.

1994 Molson Indy SCCBC Sedan Race     Here's a classic shot of the 510 flat and squatting, compared to an ACR Neon that's lifting its hind wheel.

1994 Molson Indy SCCBC Sedan Race     This race was one of the highlights of Don's racing career. He came from thirty-fourth on the grid (had a fire in qualifying) to pass 144 cars and finish third overall, first in class. He was on cloud nine when he finished the race.

Autographs     Here's success going to his head! Haha... signing autographs before a race.

Brent, Barb and I     Good friend and crewchief Brent Wilson and friend/starter Barb Moewes prior to the race.

All Nissan Show All Nissan Show     Don did as many car shows with the 510 as he could fit into his schedules. Here's the last All Nissan Show at the B.C. Museum of Flight and Transportation. Shot of the car with its panels on, and with them off.

Interior Shot     This is an interior shot. The car now runs Autometer Procomp guages. Note the removable steering wheel with the push-to-talk button on the spoke (the headset and mic is built into th helmet). The orange round knob behind the steering wheel is the Tilton adjuster for brake bias. The light above the adjuster is the low oil pressure light (later switched to oil pressure and water temperature warning lights too). Above the tach is the timer for the cool suit, and the water for drinking. The car runs a pressurized water bottle, similar to the mountain bike guys only the driver has to bite the nozzle and it squirts water into his mouth... good for pace laps, long straights and yellow cautions. The cooler is for the ice for the cool suit and the fresh air helmet. It's a tight but busy cockpit, with race temperatures reaching over 180 degrees F! Don burns the right side of his right foot almost every race - it rubs against the tranny tunnel, and the heat from the tranny exceeds 240 degrees.

Happy After the Race     Don's surprisingly happy after the race.... He won ! Good friend and fellow GT4 racer John Olson is beside Don. Greg Mostardi smiles beside both racers.

Alcohol Abuse Thats All Folks!     John gets his "revenge" as he douses Don with champagne. That's all, Folks!

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