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'Fatboy' Feature- Part 2

Powerplant dropping into the engine bay

Plumbing was next on the list. Polished Greddy intake plenum was bolted up, with Nismo 740cc injectors.

Vibrant Performance 4 ply silicone connectors and Samco Radiator hoses offset the black and blue theme.

Front HKS intercooler mounted and plumbing started. (this intercooler was later swapped out for a custom Vibrant unit that was larger for big boost.)

PDM removes the battery in their turbo installs, and plumbs the 304 tig welded stainless tubing through the old battery box area.

Intake plumbing starting to take shape.

Passenger side stainless tubing tig welded and polished.

Standard PDM drop mount of air filter to pick up actual cold air vs placing the air filter in the engine bay sucking in hot, turbo air.


Intake and hot pipe plumbing. Note 300ZX MAS on the bottom.

Engine bay colour scheme and plumbing getting near completion.

Finishing touches like colour matched powersteering tanks and radiator brackets. Koyo polished SR20DET radiator was a must. (note trick metallic blue valve cover color to match blue anodizing)

A larger Vibrant intercooler core was later added, and the plumbing modified.

Sard adjustable fuel pressure regulator adjusts the fuel pressure in Fatboy, and custom stainless lines feed through a billet fuel filter.

Undercar is clean and simple. Nismo LSD in rear with 4.08:1 gears. Megan Racing N1 style muffler, with PDM Racing custom metal substrate high flow catalytic converter mated to a Blitz Down pipe.

Corner handling is done with Tein Flex coil overs.

What wheels and tires to adorn Fatboy was a dilemma. Chance upon some Work wheels that fit the character of the car. Fronts are 17 x 9.5 +10 offset shod with 235/40/17 Falken 615's. Rear is 17 x 10 +10 offset with 255/40/17 615's.

We think that these wheels give a great stance to the car !!