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PDM Widebody S13 Hatch

SR20 powered 'Fatboy'

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PDM Pink Princess

S13 STS Race Car

What started as a stock 1993 240SX with blown shocks and worn out bushings, has been transformed into an STS spec auto-cross car. With 250 000kms on a stock engine with stock internals, we have made 177 hp and 182 ft/lbs of torque, with simply intake, header, exhaust and PDM's ECU tune.

PDM 1986 BATTLE COUPE AE86 Build-up
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Part 2
   It's ALIVE! The completed car in action.
Part 3
   More action shots.

AE86 Autocross Battle Coupe

With nothing more than a bone stock 1986 black on black coupe with only lowering springs, no lsd, worn rubber bushings and stock brakes, the crew at PDM set out on a task to transform the sedate street driven car into a serious competitor.

Read Your Plugs

Read Your Plugs

Got an NGK with something to say? You may be tossing out valuable diagnostic tools if you don't take the time to examine your old plugs. These pics will help you communicate better with your engine. Plugs

Yes we can!