PDM Racing
- Brake Upgrades
- Cam Corner
- Cooling
- Drivetrain
- Exhausts and Manifolds
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PDM Widebody S13 Hatch

SR20 powered 'Fatboy'

Featured pages are up!!

PDM Pink Princess

S13 STS Race Car

What started as a stock 1993 240SX with blown shocks and worn out bushings, has been transformed into an STS spec auto-cross car. With 250 000kms on a stock engine with stock internals, we have made 177 hp and 182 ft/lbs of torque, with simply intake, header, exhaust and PDM's ECU tune.

PDM 1986 BATTLE COUPE AE86 Build-up

AE86 Autocross Battle Coupe

With nothing more than a bone stock 1986 black on black coupe with only lowering springs, no lsd, worn rubber bushings and stock brakes, the crew at PDM set out on a task to transform the sedate street driven car into a serious competitor.

PDM Racing Battle Coupe AE86
240SX Street Machine

240SX Street Machine

 This Vancouver based S13 240SX is the result of years of developement and upgrades. Also serving as PDM's testbed, many products have been developed and prototyped on this car.

Part 1
   The Early Years.

Part 2
   The Transformation has begun!

Part 3
   Killer Turbo KA24DE Build-up.

Part 4
   Turbo KA24DE Build-up Part 2.

240SX Street Machine

PDM Racing GT4 Datsun 510

Racing 510 1700 Pound Monster     Get to know the beautifully crafted hand-built race car that is the PDM 510. This feature had to be broken into more than one section because of the number of pictures. We still think some great shots got left out. Enjoy.

Part 1
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