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Nissan S13 5 Bolt Conversion Parts

Ichiba 5 Bolt Conversion Hubs for S13

Introducing the Ichiba 5 lug conversion hub for Nissan 240SX S13 89-94. Super lightweight & strong material for better traction and quicker acceleration. Temperatures on the hub during street driving can reach 120 degrees while at the track can get up to 150 degrees, Ichiba's 5 lug conversion hubs has been tested to 200 degrees without a flaw so you can be sure you can count on them whether on the street or on the track. Perfect for those street drifters on a budget and even tough enough for pro driver's expectations. Mild steel construction, utilizes OEM bearing with OE length wheel studs. All components machined for perfect fit and optimum performance. Ichiba quality check constantly on their 5 lug conversion hubs before leaving the manufacturing facility. Random 100 hour runs between 600RPM-10,000RPM are performed to make sure the 5 lug conversion hubs can endure the most rigorous conditions without failure.

You are sure to get a product of the highest quality and that is why Ichiba back their products with a 1 year warranty from manufacturer's defect. Installation is a snap, making even the novice mechanic install with ease. Whether you are trying to expand your wheel options, drag racing or drifting is your thing, stop wasting your time with those other kits or trying to modify factory parts, install your Ichiba 5 lug kit now!

Ichiba 5 bolt convertion hubs * (Ichiba5) . . . MSRP $600.00 Sale price: $475.00 USD
Ichiba 5 bolt convertion hubs * (Ichiba5c) . . . MSRP $ 675.00 Sale price: $528.68 CAD

* Please note these Hubs are meant for S13s. They are not meant for S14s, they will simply not bolt onto the 4 lug S14s

Nissan Rear 5 bolt Hubs

If you have access to a shop press, you can push out the rear 4 bolt hubs from the bearing, and press in these new OEM Nissan 5 bolt hubs. Necessary mod to convert your rear end to 5 bolt rims. Hubs come complete with wheel studs.

Nissan 5 Bolt Rear Wheel Hub 43202-85F00– MSRP $198.13 Sale $150.95 USD each

Nissan 5 Bolt Rear Wheel Hub 43202-85F00c – MSRP $200.00 Sale $158.50 CAD each

Nissan Rear Wheel Bearing

Rear wheel bearings take a lot of abuse on a 240SX, especially if you race, drift or your car has whacked a curb. Best to replace the wheel bearing when you have the hub off at the same time.

Nissan 240SX Rear Wheel Bearing 43210-AA100– MSRP $250.00 Sale $194.57 USD each

Nissan 240SX Rear Wheel Bearing 43210-AA100c – MSRP $250.00 Sale $204.30 CAD each

Don’t have access to a shop press? Still running on OEM rear wheel bearings? Buy the rear hub and bearing and PDM can press these together for you for free!!

S13 240sx with 5 lug swap? PDM has you covered


S13 Front Control Arms with S14 Ball Joints

Are you lucky enough to find good used S14 front spindle and hub in undamaged shape for a good price? Good for you!! All you need now is the S14 ball joint or front control arm with the ball joint installed.

PDM supplies Moog S14 ball joints you can press in, or you can purchase OEM new S13 front control arms with Moog ball joints pressed in.

Moog K9820 S14 Front Lower Control Arm Ball Joint - MSRP $70.00 Sale $57.15 USD each (2 required per vehicle)

Moog K9820c S14 Front Lower Control Arm Ball Joint - MSRP $70.00 Sale $60.00 CAD each (2 required per vehicle)

OEM Nissan front control arms are available from PDM in 2 versions. Available with stock rubber bushings or the full meal deal with SPF1009K Poly lower control arm bushings installed.

S13 Front Lower Control Arm with Moog S14 ball joint installed

Drivers/Left Side (S13FLCK98D) . . . . . . . MSRP $325.00 Sale $247.66 USD each

Drivers/Left Side (S13FLCK98Dc) . . . . . . . MSRP $325.00 Sale $260.04 CAD each

Passenger/Right Side (S13FLCK98P) . . . . MSRP $325.00 Sale $247.66 USD each

Passenger/Right Side (S13FLCK98Pc) . . . . MSRP $325.00 Sale $260.04 CAD each