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Battle Version Adjustable Arms PDM Racing is pleased to stock and sell Battle Version adjustable suspension arms for the Nissan 240SX and 300ZX. Manufactured by Alex Pfieffer - famed Californian drift king, these adjustable arms are high quality units that PDM uses and endorses. Battle Version arms are made from 6061 T6 extruded aluminum or DOM tubing, with chromoly plated ends. Bearings are high quality 3 piece Teflon lined bearings for self-lubrication with plated center spacers.

If you intend to race, drift or seriously lower your car, adjustable arms are necessary to help re-align the car to proper specs. Battle Version arms eliminate all bushings, so control arm movement is extremely precise, and solid. No bushing or arm flex.

Battle Version arms are manufactured in the US Designed and built by racers for racers. Battle Version is so confident in their workmanship, that they offer a 1 year 'limited' warranty, shall any component fail by 'nature'.


Battle Version S13/S14/Z32/R32 Skyline Adjustable Tension Control Rods

240SX Battleversion TC Rods

New stronger Battle Version Tension Control Rods are made with zinc coated chromoly ends and hard anodized 6061 extruded aluminum main centers.. The spherical rod end is teflon lined to give it long lasting quality and performance without making noise.

Adjustable TC Rods are crucial to increase positive caster on Nissans. Caster is a very good alignment quality to induce into your Nissan, as this allows you to reduce your static camber more, yet when the car turns in, negative camber will increase which generates higher cornering ability. Translation: less inner tire wear when the car is driving in a straight line which is over 85% of the time, yet when it comes time to corner, your car will have enough caster to create good negative camber to make your car feel like it’s cornering on rails. Also, having adjustable caster means you can equalize caster from left to right on your Nissan to maximize turning performance both left and right. (On our Hunter computerized alignment rack, we notice it’s common to see 240SX’s with left to right caster specs out by as much as 1.5 degrees. Some are from curbing accidents, others are off-balance straight from Nissan Japan!) By adding adjustable TC Rods, you ensure your car will corner equally fast turning left, or turning right.

The TC Rod is the ONLY arm that locates the bottom control arm on the 240SX. When a car is under severe braking from 100 mph, the force on that TC Rod is the most extreme force that any single suspension component will experience. So replacing the stock TC Rod bushings with a spherical bearing, will ensure under braking your front end will not shimmy or wander as caster and toe will change from the TC Rod bushing flexing back and forth. For example, many of our 300ZX customers complain of brake shimmy and thinking the rotor is the culprit, they have their rotors turned. The shimmy may go away for a bit, but since the rotor is now thinner with less material, it is more prone to overheating, which leads to warpage and pad deposition; thus, the vicious cycle of shorter rotor turning cycles. Most often, the culprit is a worn OEM TC Rod bushing which is a viscous filled rubber membrane, which is good for comfort and compliance, but makes for a terrible locator for an arm that sees such severe duty. Over time, the stock outer membrane wears from repeated force, heat and oils. Quite often we see cars come into our shop with completely blown-open TC Rod bushings. Changing to Battle Version arms will eliminate this slop, which means faster, straighter braking, with more control of your steering wheel.

Battle Version S13/300ZX/R32 Adjustable TC Rods (182-1100) - MSRP $257.25 Special $210.00 USD/pair

Battle Version S13/300ZX/R32 Adjustable TC Rods (182-1100) - MSRP $270.00 Special $233.73 CAD/pair

Battle Version S14 Adjustable TC Rods (182-1500) - MSRP $257.25 Special $210.00 USD/pair

Battle Version S14 Adjustable TC Rods (182-1500c) - MSRP $270.00 Special $233.73 CAD/pair

Battle Version S13/S14/Z32/Skyline R32 Rear Upper Control Arms

Battle Version Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms

Rear excess negative camber is a problem for RWD Nissans when lowered beyond 1.75 inches. The stock eccentric camber bolt has limited rear arm adjustment, and Whiteline KCA347 rear eccentric bushings can adjust for medium lowered cars, but when you start to really slam your 240SX or 300ZX (2 inches or more), you require more rear negative camber adjustment. Too much negative camber will drastically wear out the inside contact patch of your expensive rubber, and also not allow for maximum braking and acceleration due to the offset tire patch. The rear end may handle great, but you’ll burn up your insides of your tires in a very short time. Properly correcting this common problem can be solved by adding Battle Version adjustable upper control arms.

Battle Version rear upper control arms are made from DOM tubing, with zinc coated anti-rusting threaded adjusters, and high quality 3 piece Teflon spherical bearings. This very solid piece of control arm eliminates any excess rear flex from hard drifting or cornering, and allows custom rear camber settings faster and easier than the stock camber bolts. Simply lock the rear inner camber bolts in place, and all adjustment is done with the Battle Version adjusting thread. Then lock the arm back in place, and you have instant camber correction that is fast and dead accurate.

Battle Version S13/S14/Z32 300ZX/Skyline R32 Rear Upper Control Arms (182-2300) - MSRP $361.38 Special $295.00 USD/pair

Battle Version S13/S14/Z32 300ZX/Skyline R32 Rear Upper Control Arms (182-2300c) - MSRP $380.00 Special $328.34 CAD/pair

Battle Version S13 / S14 Rear Toe Link Arms

Battle Version Adjustable Rear Toe Link Arms

Whenever you change the ride height of your 240SX, you change the front and rear toe settings. You HAVE to correct the toe or else you will kill your tires in a matter of miles. Incorrect toe settings is THE most abusive alignment miss-setting you can have, and can literally grind a tire down and damage it almost instantaneously.

Luckily, front and rear toe is adjustable on the Nissan 240SX with the front and rear inner tie rods. However, for those looking for much sturdier rear toe arms with zero bushing snap (rear toe arm bushings can wind up under extreme load and snap back as you exit the drift and give your car a bad handling characteristic) replace your stock Nissan stamped arm with a billet 6061 T6 extruded Battle Version adjustable arm, to eliminate any rear toe arm flex for good. Like the upper control arms, you lock the stock toe adjusting inner bolts in place, and adjust your rear toe to spec with the Battle Version adjusters. Then tighten the jam nuts back in place, and your toe is set, and will not change from bushing flex. For those raising and lowering their cars for competition, these arms make for rapid toe changes on the go.

Battle Version S13 Rear Adjustable Toe Link Arms 182-2100 – MSRP $281.25/pair . Special $225.00 USD/pair

Battle Version S13 Rear Adjustable Toe Link Arms 182-2100c – MSRP $387.56/pair . Special $250.43 CAD/pair

Battle Version S14 Rear Adjustable Toe Link Arms 182-2150 – MSRP $281.25/pair . Special $225.00 USD/pair

Battle Version S14 Rear Adjustable Toe Link Arms 182-2150c – MSRP $300.00/pair . Special $250.43 CAD/pair

Battle Version S13 / S14 Rear Forward Traction Link Arms

Battle Version 240SX Rear Forward Traction Link Arms

The forward traction link arms locate the rear spindle assembly, and controls the forward and aft movement of the rear upper suspension assembly on independent rear suspension (IRS) cars as the suspension moves through its’ engineered movement. While the stock stamped steel arms works fine for most applications, it’s when you drastically lower the car for race or drift, that there needs to be arm adjustment for setting the rear bump steer.

Bump steer, in short, is the change in toe settings a suspension has as it moves through it’s compression and rebound cycles. Nissan Engineers designed toe in under compression which is safer than toe out, but for optimum settings, racers like to have control of bump steer to dial in the amount of toe change their race cars will encounter as it goes over bumps and dips on the course. Cars that are “nervous” or “twitchy” are often ones that have bad bump steer, so the car literally steers itself as the car goes into a bump. While not as critical as the rear toe links or upper rear control arms, Battle Version Rear Forward Traction Link Arms will complete your rear suspension by positively locating the rear spindle for very minimal rear suspension for and aft flex. For those that know how to plot your rear bump steer, this allows these racers to properly set up the rear suspension to their personal tastes. Zinc coated endlinks, and 6061 T6 extruded centers, these arms can be adjusted as fast as all other Battle Version arms for precise and accurate alignment settings.

Note** if you are not familiar with suspension analysis and race car setup, we suggest you do not alter the length of these arms from stock length.

Battle Version S13 / S14 Rear Forward Traction Link Arms 182-2200 – MSRP $269.50/pair Special $220.00 USD/pair

Battle Version S13 / S14 Rear Forward Traction Link Arms 182-2200c – MSRP $280.00/pair Special $244.86 CAD/pair

* Please email us if you wish to special order any other Battle Version products.