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MOTUL Oil & Lubricants

Motul Lubricants

Motul is the specialist in high-tech lubricants; Motul has been developing the World's best high quality synthetic lubricants since the 1960's. Infamous with Motorsports worldwide, PDM is now pleased to announ`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(x/> `0> 0> /> 4߷ cp= p11Rx, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(00> 1> 1> 80> h߷Qbp= p11R`x, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(0> 1> `2> 0> Q> ߷ap= p12Rx, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(1> 2> 3> 1> ߷`p= p1T2Rx, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(X2> @3> 3> `2> ߷)`p= p1|2R`x, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(3> 3> 4> 3> > ,߷q_p= p12Rx, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(3> 4> @5> 3> h߷^p= p12R@x, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(4> h5> 5> 4> D? ߷^p= p13Rx, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(85>  6> 6> @5> ߷I]p= p1T3Rx, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(5> 6> h7> 5> uA ߷\p= p13Rx, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(6> 7> 8> 6> P߷[p= p13R0x, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(`7> H8> 8> h7> ߷![p= p14R x, 1@1_Gb@1`H, (`&<x, *r\Ȳ:$(8> 9> 9> 8> u? ߷iZp= p1t?R , 1@1_Gb@1`, (`&<, +r\Ȳ:$﷔(8> 9> H:> 8> ߷Yp= p1TRP(X, 1@1_Gb@1`(, (`&<X, @,r\Ȳ:$,(9> p:> ;> 9> 4߷Xp= p1ԃR@+X, 1@1_Gb@1`(, (`&<X, @,r\Ȳ:$,(@:> (;> ;> H:> P= XK> d߷AXp= p14R0X, 1@1_Gb@1`(, (`&<X, @,r\Ȳ:$,(:> ;> p<> ;> ߷Wp= p1RX, 1@1_Gb@1`(, (`&<X, @,r\Ȳ:$,(;> <> = ;> ߷V+ p= RX, 1@1_Gb@1`(, (`&<X, @,r\Ȳ:$,(> P=> => > a@ * > p14Ga- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,( => >> >> (=> A *I> p1Ga- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(=> >> P?> => *ෑ> p1Ga- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(>> x?> @> >> > +> p1tHap(- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(H?> 0@> @> P?> hU> P+!> p1Ha0$- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(@> @> xA> @> = @ +i> p1$Ia- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(@> A> 0B> @> > +෱> p1TIa- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(pA> XB> B> xA> h> (@ +> p1Ia- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,((B> C> C> 0B> VA ,,A> p1Ia- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(B> C> XD> B> (= &? h,෉> p1tJa - 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H,(C> D> P ? C> ,ȜA @A Ja`- 1@1_Gb@1`؟- L, (`&<- `Dr\Ȳ:H, A Cube Ltd., and > != pF> Ry, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<RTRx, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$< (= xF> G> = > X߷L+ p1R x, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(HF> 0G> G> PF> P> ߷9L<> p1ԓRPw, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(G> G> xH> G> ߷K<> p1Rv, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(G> H> 0I> G> ߷J<> p1TRu, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(pH> XI> I> xH> ? ߷J<> p1Rt, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<((I> J> J> 0I> D߷YI<> p1ԔRt, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(I> J> XK> I> > e> t߷H<> p14Rr, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(J> K> L> J> ;> p> ߷G<> p1Rr, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(PK> 8L> L> XK> > s? ߷1G<> p1ԕRq, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(L> L> M> L> ߷yF<> p14R p, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(L> M> 8N> L> > 4߷E<> p1tRpo, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(xM> `N> N> M> d߷ E<> p1Rj, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(0N> O> O> 8N> 0> ߷QD<> p14Rm, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(N> O> `P> N> = ߷C<> p1R@^, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(O> P> Q> O> ߷B<> p14RPb, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(XP> @Q> Q> `P> ߷)B<> p1R`[, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(Q> Q> R> Q> 1> L߷qA<> p1RZ, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(Q> R> @S> Q> @ |߷@<> p14RY, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(R> hS> S> R> ߷@<> p1RY, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(8S> T> T> @S> ߷I?<> p1ԙR0X, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(S> T> hU> S> 8@ ߷><> p1RW, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(T> U> V> T> @> <߷=<> p1TRV, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(`U> HV> V> hU> p߷!=<> p1R0U, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(V> W> W> V> ߷i<<> p1Re, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$<(V> W> HX> V> ߷;<> p1tRg, 1@1_Gb@1`p, , (`&<, ,r\Ȳ:$< (Volkswagen 505.01 / 505.00 / 500.00, Ford 917A)

Motul Synthetic Motor Oils


JGTC Motul Skyline

0^> ^> P]> ߷95<> p1R- 1@1_Gb@1`- (`&<- -r\Ȳ:$(^> ^> x_> ^> kA ߷4<> p14R- 1@1_Gb@1`- (`&<- -r\Ȳ:$(^> _> 0`> ^> B@ ߷3<> p1R`- 1@1_Gb@1`- in highly modified turbocharged, supercharged, or naturally aspirated motors with high compression. The ideal oil for cars that see competition use, including rally, road race, auto-x or drag racing, where extreme pressure is exerted on the engine's oil.

With the ability to withstand extended oil temperatures up to 365 degrees, this oil also has complete performance additive packages for outstanding shear strength and leaves a file that prevents metal to metal wear on start ups. THE ultimate oil for extreme performance.
Motul 300V Race Motor Oil 5W30

Motul 300V Race Motor Oil 15W50

300V Power Racing 5W30 100% Synthetic - 2 Litre . . MSRP $542.51 Sale $46.25 USD each (3071/MH)

300V Power Racing 5W40 100% Synthetic - 2 Litre . . . MSRP $52.51 Sale $46.25 USD each (8256)

300V Competition 15W50 100% Synthetic - 2 Litre . . . MSRP $52.51 Sale $46.25 USD each

300V Power Racing 5W30 100% Synthetic - 2 Litre . . . MSRP $62.44 Sale $49.95 CAD each

300V Power Racing 5W40 100% Synthetic - 2 Litre . . . MSRP $62.44 Sale $49.95 CAD each

300V Competition 15W50 100% Synthetic - 2 Litre . . . MSRP $62.44 Sale $49.95 CAD each


Motul Skyline JGTC Race Car

Motul 90PA LSD Oil


Specially designed for limited slip differential and hypoid gear rear axles, this high performance mineral gear oil is perfectly suited for use in racing cars, 4 x 4's and passenger cars. If you have aftermarket clutch type LSD's (Nismo, KAAZ, Cusco, Mazda Comp. etc.) this oil is meant for your clutch type LSD. API GL5, MIL-L-2105-D, ZF TE ML.

MOTUL 90PA Limited Slip Differential Oil - 2 Litre 3181/CZ . . . . . . . MSRP $34.99
Sale $30.51 USD

MOTUL 90PA Limited Slip Differential Oil - 2 Litre 3181c/CZ . . . . . . . MSRP $41.19
Sale $32.95 CAD


A great high performance synthetic blend gear oil for gearboxes and rear ends. Perfect for older boxes that are harder to shift and have a tendency to "snick" or "grind" going into gear, this oil has additives which help to reduce gear mesh. A strong friction reduction package increases mileage, while extending the life of the gearbox.
API GL4 and GL5 MIL-L2105C.

MOTYLGEAR 75W90 Synthetic Gearbox Oil - 1 Litre 3170/CZ . . . . . . . MSRP $28.80 Sale $18.47 USD each

MOTYLGEAR 75W90 Synthetic Gearbox Oil - 1 Litre 3170c/CZ . . . . . . . MSRP $37.44 Sale $19.95 CAD each

Motylgear Gear Oil 75W90
Motul Gear300 Gear Oil 75W90


Motul's highest quality 100% ESTER BASED synthetic 75W90 gearbox oil. Designed for today's high performance vehicles, and all out race cars. This lubricant is virtually unshearable. Its stability at high temperatures make it ideal for extreme conditions. Many endurance professional race teams swear by this oil. Designed for transmission gearboxes and rear axles. API GL4 and GL5/MIL-L-2105C.

GEAR 300 75W90 100% Synthetic Gear Oil - 1 Litre 3178/CZ . . . MSRP $32.65 Sale $27.73 USD each
GEAR 300 75W90 100% Synthetic Gear Oil - 1 Litre 3178c/CZ . . . MSRP $37.44 Sale $29.95 CAD each


Motul Synthetic Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is often one of the most overlooked fluids in today's modern vehicles. Consumers will lubricate and change their engines with high performance oils, however the brake and clutch hydraulic systems are often neglected and ignored. With you and your vehicle's safety in mind, your brake fluids are an integral part of regular maintenance. Motul has been in the forefront of synthetic brake fluid design for years, and their constant pursuit of high performance race fluids has enabled them to offer vastly superior brake fluids for your street and race cars.


This polyglycol based brake fluid vastly exceeds the highest DOT specs. For use in all systems that require a DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 fluid. With its very low viscosity, this brake fluid is specially designed for today's newer ABS systems where a very thin fluid is needed to circulate in modern complex ABS systems with microvalves and anti-locking systems. Also for older, first generation ABS systems more sensitive to a brake fluid's viscosity. A full synthetic based fluid that has unreal 509 degree dry boiling point, and similar 365 degree wet boiling point, it will outlast all normal Dot 3 and Dot 4 fluids easily. PDM has been testing this fluid and find it vastly superior to any other street fluid on the market. Each container is filled with nitrogen to increase the shelf life and eliminate contamination while factory sealed.

DOT 5.1 100% Synthetic Brake Fluid - 500 mL 8070/HB ……….. MSRP $15.12 Sale $11.99 USD each

DOT 5.1 100% Synthetic Brake Fluid - 500 mL 8070c/HB ……….. MSRP $16.19 Sale $12.95 CAD each

Motul 5.1 Brake Fluid

Motul RBF600 Race Brake Fluid


THE ultimate high performance brake fluid. It far exceeds the standards of DOT 3 and DOT 4, with a dry boiling point of 594 degrees, and wet boiling point of 421 degrees. Used exclusively by more major professional race teams, RBF600 is synonymous with ultra high performance. For road racing, circle track, endurance, motorcycle and high performance street, RBF600 is known worldwide for its outstanding anti-fade and anti-boiling characteristics. Fully compatible with all street Dot 3 and Dot 4 fluids, RBF600 can be used year long with outstanding results. Tested and raced with. A definitive must if you run track days. Each container is filled with nitrogen to increase the shelf life and eliminate contamination while factory sealed.

RBF 600 100% Synthetic Race Brake Fluid - 500 mL 8069/HB . . . MSRP $34.99 Sale $27.73 USD each
RBF 600 100% Synthetic Race Brake Fluid - 500 mL 8069c/HB . . . MSRP $37.44 Sale $29.95 CAD each

A very effective fuel injector and fuel system cleaner that safely cleans out gum and varnish build-up on your injectors and entire fuel system from sediment and gasoline residue. One can treats up to 60 litres of fuel. Help restore injector spray pattern which can gum up and give poor, inefficient injector spray patterns, robbing your vehicle from power and fuel mileage.

Motul Fuel System Clean - Gasoline 300mL 3102. . . . MSRP $33.83 Sale $28.66 USD each
Motul Fuel System Clean - Gasoline 300mL 3102c. . . . MSRP $39.19 Sale $30.95 CAD each

Motul Fuel Clean

Motul Silicone Clean A silicone based spray that restores the beautiful lustre of plastics, paints and varnish while laying down a dry film of protection. Once applied, the film prevents dirt and dust from sticking on surfaces. EXCELLENT race car anPK^ @K^ Hh_[ 8]`D(^!`P]`D`l_'ڿ= 'ڿ&<0= r\Ȳ:$ (= 6 K0]D87_ ]`Dl_^P^ @x`x^ `ț[ D_< I<^ 0[[ 8[ x2`[ ]`D@[[( P^d^ @`P]D[8[ @[85[ @l8[ [ _u_0l_R_l_u[Du_h]D9_ m_`[ D_86_$[ DX@_@_n_u[Dv_pn_u[D`?_n_u[Du_X8[ @(_D8[ @_08[ K[ `]D =_9_Pp_p_p_8[ s MSRP $13.96 Sale $11.06 USD<D >_7_T_]D@v_x]D(7_U_hu[Dpv_]D =_5_Ps_pv_U_Pu[Dv_@] _7[ post" action=""> 0]DH7qPu_w_V_ u[Dhw_7[ @X3_7[ @4_7[ w_p[ |7[ ([ 2_0w_w_h7[ @0KT7[ @2_[ each ]D _]D _6[ @С_]D8U]D_]D _]D`U]D_]D_]D(_]D8_]D_]D_6[ @_x]D_]Dآ_ of Diesel and gasoline engines with fuel D_p]D_P]DX_X]with catalytic converters _]D` _h[ _[ aded or unleaded fuel.. MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN [_[_[_[_[_[_ \_[_ \_4\_$\_H\_!H_HX_!\_ؑX@_K_!86_H_CX)\_)@K\_\FAPPEND! ]_|O_SYNC!__XJ_XX]_]_Ps_Ps_ Y!]_]_X 7_!t_ؑX8F_F_pg_pg_ Y!s_(t_ZXe_e_`e_! ]_XDU_DynaLoader!h_h_Za6_!Xt_ZhK$ip]_!@`_pe_pl\5_7_)^_[ DN_MULTISHOTMT!^_FASYNC!Da<S_!\_HX_oducts/imag/engineflush3_web.jpg" alt="Motul Engine Clean" width="44" height="150">

x`ؑXXo`@^!XAj_! oil before draining, allows to :

• lower wear
• decrease oil and fuel consumption
• increase compression on all the cylinders
• decrease exhaust pollutants
• evacuate deposits, varnishes and other combustion residues from problem areas such as hydraulics lifters or piston grooves and rings
• take advantage of fresh engine oil
• increase catalytic converter’s lifespan


1. Before each oil drain, add, in the engine, a can of ENGINE CLEAN to hot used oil.
2. Let the engine run at idle for 15 minutes.
3. Drain the oil and change the filter.

The content of one can is sufficient for an oil capacity up to 5 litres. For higher capacities, 60 ml of ENGINE CLEAN is to be added per supplementary litre of engine oil (over 5 litres) . Do not exceed the recommended proportion. If necessary, use 2 successive treatments.

Combined with FUEL SYSTEM CLEAN, ENGINE CLEAN provides a very appreciable reduction of pollutants emissions to pass Vehicle Inspections.

Motul Engine Clean - Gasoline 300mL 8161........................ MSRP $33.83 Sale $28.66 USD each
Motul Engine Clean - Gasoline 300mL 8161c........................ MSRP $38.69 Sale $30.95 CAD each

Redline Water Wetter

[Q_t`` W\`D WT` Wh`[

`D]`(HQI`4 I`di`jzHj/H]`xd(H܉dtxddxyd4 Izd$jj,mbxd/KPydD1K|zd,dX{dDd{dzH

WaterWetter® Dȧ__Y__hY_0_ing systems which reduc]D_]D_]D_ by as much as 30ºF. This liquid product Dp _X_D _`_D _h_D _p_D _x_D( __D8 __DH __Dȷ__Dط__D__D__D__D__D(_Ȩ_D8_Ш_DH_ب_DX__Dh__Dx__D__D__D__D__Dȸ__Dظ_ _D_(_D_0_D_8_D_@_D(_H_D8_P_DH_X_DX_`_Dh_h_ystems. Compatible with __D__Dȹ__Dع__D__D__D__D__D(_ȩ_D8_Щ_DH_ة_DX__Dp__D__D__D__D__D_`]DXKl_^D B`]Dr_pv[v[in/">

S Vl/_lz_l/_dOaV/_z_/_dOa/_z_d_/_dOa0_z_0_dOa<0_z_<0_dOat0_z_Vt0_dOa`V0_z_lV0_dOaV0_z_0_dOame="RL80204c" value="1"> p{_܊_&_dOa(V4'_{_4V4'_dOal'_{_l'_dOa'_{_'_dOa\_{_\_dOaPV_{_ _{__$|_\V_L|_t_t|_ V_|_0_d_|_$I_P_hVK^ܲ^1_LW__LR_O K^6_`^4 I4Q_lV3_P_E_P_D[O_E_hO_́J@O_

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