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240SX - 300ZX Brake Upgrade

300ZX Brakes for the 240SX

300ZX Brake Upgrade for 240SX

    It is no longer necessary to spend months (literally) hunting down the proper parts to complete this swap on your 240.

Brake Lines for 300ZX Swap
Lines for 300ZX Swap

Stainless Caliper Lines for 300ZX Swap

    Using your stock 240SX lines with 300ZX calipers is not recommended. As a matter of fact, stacking washers on the brake fittings can be downright dangerous. Do the job right with these custom PDM lines made with Aeroquip braided stainless steel lines and fittings.

Body Kits
240SX Body Kit Front Spoiler

Body Kits

    Make your 240SX look as good as it performs. Here we have a variety of Fiberglass body kits to enhance the sleek lines of your 240SX.

Reconditioned T/C Rods With Whiteline Bushings
Energy Suspension T/C Rod Bushings Installed in Reconditioned T/C Rod

OEM Nissan TC Rods with Whiteline Bushings

One of the first bushings to wear on your 240SX and 300ZX, the Tension Control Rod Bushings are THE most common item to replace

New Control Arms With Whiteline Bushings

Energy Suspension Control Arm Bushings Installed in New Control Arm

New S13 Control Arms

    PDM is proud to bring you another time, money and hassle-saving product. Our Brand NEW S13 Control Arms are equipped with new Whiteline Polyurethane Bushings already pressed in so you don't have to find a shop to do it.

PDM Camshafts

PDM Camshafts

    Months of work has finally paid off with the release of these new camshafts for the DOHC 16 valve engine of the 1991-1998 240SX!