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New 1990-1993 G2 Acura Integra Spyder Rear Spoiler

G2 Integra Spoiler G2 Integra Spoiler

1990-1993 G2 Acura Integra Spyder rear spoiler. Brand new, never used. Brought in for a customer who never picked it up. Fiberglass spoiler with gel coat top surface. Fits 1990-1993 Acura Integra hatchbacks.

1990-1993 Acura Integra rear Spyder fiberglass spoiler - MSRP $140.00 Sale $140.00 CAD
VLSD Rear Pumpkin for S13 (1989 - 1994) and S14 (1995-1998)


WOW !!! PDM Racing has located used rear VLSD diffs direct from Asia.
Rare and hard to find VLSD (Viscous Limited Slip Drive) Rear Pumpkin for 1989 - 1994 S13's, and 1995-1998 S14's. (contact PDM to see what we have in stock)

These units have from 20,000-60,000 km on them, and are used units, and is sold as is. Complete pumpkin that is a bolt in affair meaning they include the LSD stub axles. Adding a factory LSD allows better drag and stoplight launches, and out of corner acceleration instead of lighting up the inside tire all the time. Improves your drag 60 foot times, auto-x launches and tight corner exits, and overall performance driving in your 240SX.
Each unit has been pressure washed, opened up, cleaned, inspected, and repainted to look like new.

Current Stock as of June 1, 2010:

2 - S13 ABS Viscous Limited Slip Differentials - MSRP $750.00 Sale $677.25 CAD plus shipping

** note VLSD's are extremely heavy, weighing 95lbs packaged in a custom wooden crate with corrugated outer wrapping. Shipping, handling and insurance ranges from $56 US to Washington State and northern Oregon, $65 to most of California, to close to $80 US to East and South Coast of USA (Florida, Atlanta) Please inquire if you wish to get a more accurate shipping quote, but don't expect it to be under $56 US.

*** The S13 ABS VLSD with rear ABS driveshaft can be installed in a Non-ABS S13. We have done this swap before and it works perfectly.

**** This particular VLSD does not include a driveshaft and requires an ABS sensor. Great for an ABS equipt 240SX or someone who has access to an ABS sensor.

Don't forget! You'll need to add Gear Oil when you install your LSD, plan ahead and order Motul Race Quality Fluid.

PDM recommends...


A great high performance synthetic blend gear oil for gearboxes and rear ends. Perfect for older boxes that are harder to shift and have a tendency to "snick" or "grind" going into gear, this oil has additives which help to reduce gear mesh. A strong friction reduction package increases mileage, while extending the life of the gearbox.
API GL4 and GL5 MIL-L2105C.

MOTYLGEAR 75W90 Synthetic Gearbox Oil - 1 Litre (3170/CZ) . . . MSRP $18.29 Sale $19.95 CAD ea.

... for your new OEM Viscous Limited Slip Differential.